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Creating modern distributed applications in a microservices architecture with high reliability and global reach is hard. Adding the need to manage your own messaging infrastructure makes it even harder. That’s what Kafkaesque is for. We take care of the messaging infrastructure so you can write killer apps.

We offer a variety of plans to suit your requirements. All of our paid plans include support because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay extra to get help when you need it.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Our free plan lets you get acquainted with our service. The free plan is limited in storage and scale, but not in functionality.

With our generous free plan  you get access to our worldwide set of clusters. You can try out all the features including geo-replication.

Sign up right now for free. Or checked out the detailed feature list.


Our starter plan is for developing your application for production deployment. All the limits are increased so you can start building and testing your application. You also get email support Monday to Friday.


Interested in the starter plan? Check out the detailed features and pricing.


The production plan is the affordable way to get your application running in production. All persistent messages are stored 3 times and you have broker resources dedicated for your use only. 

Like all our plans, it comes with availability monitoring so we can detect and fix issues before you or your users notice. We also handle keeping your service up to date with latest software versions and security patches.

We will keep your service up and running smoothly. But if you are encountering issues, the production plan includes email support 7 days a week.

What to sign up or need more details? See our pricing page.


If you have higher performance requirements or need more isolation from other tenants, our dedicated plan is for you.

You get dedicated resources at both the broker and storage layers, so that you messages are produced, consumed, and stored in your own private messaging space. You also get private IP address access using VPC peering.

Like all our production-grade plans, you get monitoring, maintenance, and support is included. In addition, you get performance monitoring which means we continually monitor your service to ensure it remains within performance limits.


Find detailed features and prices for the dedicated plan here.


If you have high security or governance requirements, a private cluster may be what you need. 

With the private plan you get a cluster for your use only. No other tenant has access to any of the resources in your cluster and only private network connections are allowed. No messages ever leave the private network established between the private plan and your cloud account.

Of course, you get the highest service and monitoring levels we provide.

Interested in a private cluster? Check out the detailed features and pricing.

Apache Pulsar Support

Running your own Apache Pulsar cluster and need some help? Pulsar and the open source community is great, but sometimes you need a little more.

We are experts on Apache Pulsar and offer support and training plan to help you out.

Need help with Apache Pulsar? Contact us.