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Creating modern distributed applications in a microservices architecture with high reliability and global reach is hard. Adding the need to manage your own messaging infrastructure makes it even harder. That’s what Kafkaesque is for. We take care of the messaging infrastructure so you can write killer apps.

We offer a variety of plans available in all major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP), including private Apache Pulsar clusters. Whatever your messaging or Apache Pulsar needs, we have a plan to suit your requirements. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


With our free account you get one namespace on our worldwide set of clusters.  It’s a good way to see what Kafkaesque and Apache Pulsar are all about.

The free account is limited to 500 MB of backlog storage. Messages are auto-acknowledged after 1 day and retained for 2 days. There is a maximum of 3 producers and 5 consumers.

Everybody can afford free. Sign up now.


With our starter plan you get a tenant on our worldwide set of clusters so you can start working on your project.

The starter plan is limited to 50 GB of backlog storage with 7 days message retention. You can have up to 30 producers and 50 consumers.

Ready to get started? Get started for as little as $49 a month.


With the production plan, you can put your application into production. You get up to 250 GB of backlog storage, 14-day message retention, 60 producers, and 100 consumers.

To make sure that your application is not affected by other users of our service, you get dedicated resources for sending and receiving messages (broker isolation).

Sound like what you need? Here are some more details, including the price.


With the dedicated plan, you get more scale and more dedicated resources. Both the message serving and storing is dedicated for your use (broker and storage isolation).

You get up to 500 GB of backlog storage, 21-day message retention, 300 producers, and 500 consumers.

We will monitor your dedicated cluster for availability like all our other plans, but we will also monitor it to make sure it stays within the desired performance range.

Need a dedicated cluster? Here are the prices.


If you have high performance, security, or governance requirements, a private plan may be what you need. With a private plan, you get an entire Apache Pulsar cluster that can be configured to meet your needs. You get full admin access, so you can create as many tenants and namespaces as you need.

You get private access to the cluster using VPC peering. 

Of course, we will monitor, manged, and upgrade your cluster for you, scheduling any major operations with you beforehand.

Interested in a private cluster? Check out the pricing or contact us for a quote.

Managed Cluster

What if you want all the advantages of the private plan but want to run in your own cloud provider? Then you probably want the manged cluster plan. 

With the managed cluster plan, you give us access to a Kubernetes cluster in your cloud provider, and we will install a private Apache Pulsar cluster for you. We monitor and manage it for you, but it runs in your cloud provider infrastructure for maximum isolation.

Want to learn more about the managed cluster plan? Take a look at the pricing details. Or you can contact us to get a quote.

Pulsar Support

Running your own Apache Pulsar cluster and need some help? Pulsar and the open source community is great, but sometimes you need a little more.

We are experts on operating Apache Pulsar clusters across all environments and offer support packages to help you out.

Need help with Apache Pulsar? Here are the pricing details. Still have questions or need a quote, then contact us.

Consulting and development

Just need help setting up Apache Pulsar in your organization? Need some custom Pulsar plugins or functions developed? We think about Apache Pulsar and how to run it in the cloud and on-premise 24/7. With all this experience, we can turbo charge you project!

We offer consulting and development services for whatever your Apache Pulsar project is. And if we develop something for you and you let us give it back to the community by open sourcing it, we’ll give you our special open-source pricing.


Need more info? Just contact us and tell us about your project.